One hundred grams of berries a day 


You can satisfy a considerable portion of your daily need for vitamin C and obtain important minerals and trace elements, fibre, and polyphenols to help you stay healthy by eating 100 grams of berries. Berries taste good and are a light snack, suitable also for anyone who is dieting. Eating berries will help limit your daily calorie intake. Wild berries are a natural product of the forest, free for anyone to pick without the need for farming equipment, fertilizers or insecticides. Gathering the bounty of nature is an excellent way to get some exercise and relax outdoors in the midst of a busy everyday routine.  

Berries can be enjoyed in many forms

Here are some tips for introducing colour and variety into your meals

  • Freeze some berries as purée, pulp, juice, or nectar in ice cube trays. The frozen cubes can be stored together in plastic containers or freezer bags. When you want to use only a small amount of berries, you can take these “serving nuggets” out of the freezer. They can be used as a topping on hot porridge, for example, or to cool a beverage in a glass or punch bowl.
  • Freeze some berries in small batches. This makes it easy to take out one portion at a time for defrosting and adding to a berry beverage made with buttermilk and bran, for example.
  • Honey or cocoa powder add flavour to frozen berries.
  • Freeze a mix of the berries you have picked. This “berry cocktail” can be a tasty addition to hot porridge or plain yoghurt, for example.
  • Partly frozen berries with chocolate, caramel or vanilla sauce can be served as a quick dessert even on special occasions.
  • You can make a refreshing summer treat by puréeing fresh berries with ice cream. 
  • Berries are a light food to munch on. Replace salty snacks with nutritious, low-calorie berries.
  • Always keep berry powder on your dining table in a small glass jar or a shaker with large holes. It can then be easily added to yoghurts, cereals, porridge, or tea. One tablespoon of berry powder is equivalent to about 90 g of fresh berries.
  • Berry powder is easy to take with you to work or on trips. Keep the berry powder in an airtight container so that you can take it along even in warm or humid weather.
  • Berries and berry powders are a good supplement to the dough for bread or buns. You can add 75 g of sea buckthorn powder to half a litre of dough for sweet buns, or about 180 g of fresh or frozen lingonberries to half a litre of dough dough for bread rolls. The water or milk for the dough can also be replaced with berry juice.
  • You can make quick, tasty snacks by combining berries with plain yoghurt, soy yoghurt, cottage cheese, curd cheese, and various kinds of nuts, seeds, or bran.
  • To make delicious and healthy milkshakes and beverages, combine berries with berry juice, plain yoghurt, buttermilk, milk, water, soy or oat milk, and different sorts of seeds or nuts.
  • Combine berry juice with mineral water for a refreshing summer drink.
  • Dried berries are easy to carry along as a snack, and can be used instead of raisins in baking.