Ahkun Tupa/Lemmenjoki holiday village ltd

Ahkun Tupa is a 70-year-old company whose activities include accommodation, a cafe and restaurant, and programme services, as well as riverboat trips in Lemmenjoki National Park. We offer local food including reindeer, fish and seasonal produce (mushrooms, berries). We make our own bilberry pies as well as jams from cloudberry, lingonberry, blackcurrant and garden angelica using natural produce from the region. During the mushroom season, we use produce foraged from our own forests. The reindeer is from our region, as is the fish. We strive to use local food whenever possible. Some of the lettuces, parsley, dill, chives and similar produce is also grown by us.


Lemmenjoentie 1030 99885 Lemmenjoki


tel. +358-40 755 4306


  • Lapland
Services provided:
  • Accommodation
  • Nature trips
  • Catering services
Utilization of wild forest products:
  • Company organises nature trips related to wild forest products
  • Company includes wild forest products in their catering services

Location on the map:

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