World Championships of Berry Picking are here again!

Have you already signed for this years event? The 2019 World Championships of Berry Picking will be held in the village of Suomussalmi in Eastern Finland on Saturday, September 14.
This playful event has gathered a large amount of contestants and audience to enjoy nature and its richness year by year. In addition to the competition, there will be an event at the Suomussalmi market square during the whole day!

The Information Desk of the Arctic Flavours Association will be situated next to the stage on the market square. All the participants in the berry-picking world championships need to register and collect their numbers and buckets at the information desk on Saturday, the 14th of September, from 9 am. to 11 am. Please note, that you have to sign up for the competition not later than the 10th September, 2019, by e-mail of the registration form below.

At the Information Desk you can also find material about natural products, such as recipes and post cards, all free of charge.

All the event activities and performances will take place on the market square of Suomussalmi.

The day will start at the Suomussalmi market square at 9.00 am. See the program of the event here. (linkki alas ohjelmaan). At the end of the day the winners will be announced and rewarded.

In the evening we have World Championship Dance at the Youth House of Suomussalmi with Teuvo Oinas and his Orchestra Kiintotähti taking care of the music.

Come and enjoy the fun event with us!

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Useful information for the contestants

Sign up for the competition before September, 10th 2019 with the registration form below. You can also sign up by calling our office +358 8 6155 5590.

Participation is free of charge!

PLEASE NOTE, that this year we can´t have registrations on the site during the competition day!

The contestants need to register between 9.00 and 11.00 a.m. at the information point where they will receive their buckets and number patches. The teams are transferred to the competition site in the forest by buses at 11.30 a.m.

The duration of the competition is one hour, after which the berries will be weighed. The winner in each class is, of course, the one who has picked the most lingonberries or bilberries.

Competition rules

There are team competition categories for both adults, youth and children, and an individual categories for women and men (adults). Teams of three persons may only use a common one hand held picking tool without a stem. See the details below.

In the individual class use of rake, a picking tool with a stem, is allowed. There is also a special team category for adults, in which the lingonberries are picked in the traditional way by hand. The berries don’t need to be cleaned, small leaves and such are acceptable.

Participation in the competition is free of charge.

The name of the event: The world championships of berry picking

The responsible organizer: Arctic Flavours Association, Kauppakatu 20, Suomussalmi, FINLAND, +358 8 61 555 590, info@arctic-flavours.fi, www.arctic-flavours.fi

Registration: by September 10, 2019 by registration form or by email info@arctic-flavours.fi

Entrance fee: Participation in the competition is free of charge.

Team categories:

  • 3 persons adult team using a hand held picking tool
  • 3 persons adult team picking by hand
  • 3 persons youth team (for 13-17 years old competitors)
  • 3 persons children team (for 12 years old or younger)

Individual categories:

  • women individual, use of rake
  • men individual, use of rake


Teams are formed by three persons who may be families, fellow workers, friends, classmates, members of a sports club or other. Remember, you can have fun outfits for your team – the best costumes are rewarded!

Berry to be picked: Lingonberry, bilberry

Allowed contest equipment:

In the team categories, contestants may only use a common one hand held picking tool without a stem to be brought themselves. In the hand picking category the use of picking tools is not allowed.

Contestants may only use the buckets provided by the organizer and handed out in the market place. Extra buckets can be found in the competition area if needed. The contestants may keep the buckets they have used. In the individual class, you may use your own picking rake and buckets of your choice.

The criteria for evaluation:

Teams / contestants will be evaluated by the amount (kg) of picked lingonberries or bilberries. Your performance is acceptable when the berries are picked within the competition time (1 hour) from the competition area by using the tools allowed in each class.


The three best teams in each class with most berries will be awarded by trophies and diplomas. Because of the new legislation, we unfortunately can´t give any cash prizes any more.

Competition duration and place:

The duration of the competition is one hour. The contestants are transferred to the competition area by buses at 11.30 O´clock from the Suomussalmi market square. The competition area is located somewhere in the Suomussalmi municipality area and it will be separated from the surrounding area by ribbons and adhesive tapes.

The berries do not have to be cleaned, small leaves and such are acceptable. The berries will be weighed unclean. It is forbidden to add small stones, cones, leaves or any similar material among the berries, as this could increase the weight and distort the result.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!


The program of the event

The day is hosted by ”Hepokönkään Höppänä”, the fun local character!

9.00 Information desk open, the registration of the competition begins

10.00 Opening speech, Member of Parliament Merja Kyllönen

10.15 ”Fashion show” of team costumes

10.30 Dance group from Kalevala, partner region of Suomussalmi municipality

11.00 Dance group Fortaleza from Kajaani

11.20 Warming up!

11.30 Departure to the competition site by bus

11.40 Dance group from Kalevala, partner region of Suomussalmi municipality

12.00 Dance group Fortaleza from Kajaani

12.40 Tigers plays Hurriganes, the band from Iisalmi

13.40 Time for shopping!

14.30 Teuvo Oinas and Kiintotähti Orcherstra 

15.30 The results and the rewarding ceremony

20.00 World Championship Dance at the Youth House of Suomussalmi, Music by Teuvo Oinas and his Kiintotähti Orchestra 
- 00.45



The Registration Form

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Individual competition

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