Arctic Flavours Association

The Arctic Flavours Association is a nation-wide  association for Non-Wood Forest Products specialising in wild berries, mushrooms, herbs and special forest products. The aims of the Association are to promote the gathering, processing and use of natural products as well as to improve their quality.

According to the by-laws of the Arctic Flavours Association established at the time of its founding in 1993, the Association’s functions include the following:

  • Compiling and disseminating information regarding natural products
  • Preparing and distributing educational material related to the field
  • Carrying out nation-wide campaigns to promote gathering and consumption of natural products
  • Improving the quality of the products and the raw materials involved
  • Organising and developing educational opportunities relating to the field
  • Monitoring domestic and international developments in the field
  • Supporting research efforts in the field and communicating the findings to companies in the industry
  • Organising and executing projects relating to the field
  • Pursuing initiatives aimed at improving operating conditions for the industry
  • Assisting its members in building networks and finding partners

Values of the Association

The Arctic Flavours Association is guided by the following values in its work:

  • Health
  • Concern for the environment
  • Northernness
  • Genuineness
  • Safety

Business concept and vision

The business concept and vision behind Arctic Flavours is:

  • To produce services that support the development of the natural products industry for the benefit of companies, stake-holders in the industry and citizens
  • To make natural products and the foods made from them a recognised part of a healthy diet in Finland and abroad