Helsinki Wildfoods Oy

Helsinki Wildfoods is a wellness brand that boosts the awareness of Finnish wild foods, nature hobbies and nature tourism in Finland. Wild food is so much more than just weeds, herbs and vegetables. It is a lifestyle that invites you on a journey to a wellness oasis that lurks in our backyards, filled with superfood and nature’s wonders. Wild food hobby flavours and nourishes your home cooking. In addition, it nurtures your body naturally with functional exercise and relaxation – wildfulness. Helsinki Wildfoods develops and sells high-quality natural food products. We organize wild food foraging walks, workshops, produce publications and offer consultation.


PL 37, 00210 Helsinki

Yhteyshenkilö: Annika Hannus


  • Uusimaa
Businesses sell:
  • wellness products
  • birch sap, berry and sap beverages
  • wild herbs, organic wild herbs
  • berry powders, coarsely ground berries, dried berries
  • berry juices, smoothies, berry soups, berry concentrates
  • fresh wild berries, organic wild berries
  • cultivated herbs, organic cultivated herbs
  • herbal teas, other herbal products

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